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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today in the South we're welcoming a long lost friend: rain. We've had a few refreshing (and much needed) thunderstorms here in Chapel Hill this morning --- the first storms in many months. It's warm and muggy here, and it feels more like June than late October. The leaves are changing color at the same time the air is thick with humidity. It's a very strange combination. I'm not sure how much of a dent the rain will make in our huge rain deficit. I think it would need to rain --- and I mean RAIN --- for a few weeks at least to make up for the drought we're experiencing.

This week I'm seeking a few small business owners who can talk about how they're managing employee stress on the job. I'm also seeking "green" entrepreneurs --- i.e., entrepreneurs who are working on sustainability and environmental issues inside their small companies. I'm also looking for story ideas to pitch various editors, so feel free to contact me with ideas. It might take me awhile to get back to you but I do read all my email. Really.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I had an interesting experience standing in a store line recently with my preschool-age daughter in tow. We were there in the early afternoon on a weekday when I was off the clock (and looked decidedly off the clock). A man and a woman got in line behind us, and the woman tapped me on the shoulder soon after. "Could we go ahead of you? *WE* have to get back to work." Translation: You're obviously a stay-at-home mom with all the time in the world, so could you step aside for those of us who actually DO something with our day? I stared at her in amazement for a few seconds --- a bemused smile on my face, wide eyes, eyebrows arched --- until the man with her proposed getting in another line, to which she replied, "Okay, whatever, she's just looking at me strange anyway." Translation: She obviously doesn't get it and understand what it's like to work for a living.

Now I would have been more than willing to accommodate her if she'd simply said, "Excuse me, we're late getting back to work...could we please go ahead of you?" But in her tone of voice she made assumptions she shouldn't have, and it's always dangerous to make assumptions about anyone. Who knows --- that "stay-at-home mom" could be a CEO. You just don't know. Which brings me to the point of this entry: have any of you ever felt assumptions have been made about you in the workplace, or about your work status when you're not at work? How did you handle it? I'd be interested in your thoughts. It's on my mind.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Wow --- I'm posting. It's an understatement to say it's been awhile since my last entry. Let's just say that trying to balance motherhood and deadlines has left a few things (my website, blogging) relegated to the sidelines. But kids grow, workloads readjust and schedules change. So here I am.

I'll keep today's post brief as I reintroduce myself with the whole idea of blogging. Currently, I'm seeking experts who can talk about the increase in overtime lawsuits. I'm also looking for experts on the topic of employee job stress. On another note, I'm at work on a book idea for which I'm seeking experts and entrepreneurs. But I'm not going to post about it here. Please contact me for more information. I hope all is well with you...

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